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After an accident, collision, or any other event that causes damage to your vehicle, you might be wondering what to do next. Champion Auto Body Shop of Brighton (Buick GMC) is your place for quick, free estimates. If there’s damage to your vehicle and you’re wondering what to do next, use our free estimate tool to get started on the road towards your vehicle’s recovery. The certified team of technicians here will look through what you submitted and give you an initial estimate within 24 hours. Click the link and follow the steps below.

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Step One: Click on Free Estimate Tool.
Step Two: Answer a few questions about your vehicle and upload a few photos of the damage.
Step Three: Receive a preliminary repair estimate in 24 hours or less.
Step Four: Schedule an appointment to finalize your official in-store estimate
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We do our best to prepare an accurate repair estimate. However, we cannot always determine the full extent of the damage until the vehicle is in our auto body shop. When your vehicle has been disassembled, our team may need to prepare a supplement. The primary reason for a supplement is hidden damage that is not visible with an on-line estimate of exterior damage. How your damage is repaired may sometimes change, and parts price varies. Our team requires approval from the responsible party before we proceed with supplemental repairs. Both you and the insurance company will be notified.
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